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Fire Science and Engineering 2019;33(6):35-42.
DOI:    Published online December 31, 2019.
피난기구 사용시간 실험분석을 통한 안전체험교육 개선방안
이정일1, 이성은2
1국가민방위재난안전교육원 행정주사
2호서대학교 소방방재학과 교수
Plans to Improve Safety Experience Education through the Experimental Analysis of Evacuation Equipment
Jeong Il Lee1, Sung Eun Lee2
1Junior Official for Administration, National Civil Defense and Disaster Management Training Institute, Ministry of the Interior and Safety
2Professor, Dept. of Fire and Disaster Protection Engineering, Hoseo Univ.
Correspondence:  Sung Eun Lee, Tel: +82-41-540-5735, Fax: +82-41-540-5738, 
Received: 20 November 2019   • Revised: 10 December 2019   • Accepted: 10 December 2019
본 논문은 피난기구의 사용시간 실험분석을 통한 안전체험교육 개선에 관한 방향을 알아보기 위해 진행되었다. 연구를 위해 피 실험자들을 체격과 체중이 비슷한 그룹으로 나누어 구성하였고, 4가지 피난기구를 직접 체험하게 함으로서 체험시간을 측정하여 분석하였다. 피난기구 설치에서부터 탈출까지의 전체시간 분석에서 완강기-경사식구조대-수직구조대-공기안전매트 순으로 탈출시간이 소요되었다. 피난기구의 탈출시간만 분석했을 경우에는 공기안전매트-경사식구조대-완강기-수직구조대 순으로 탈출시간이 분석되었다. 완강기의 1차 2차 실험에서 나타난 것처럼 1차 시간은 경험 후에 2차 시도에서 시간이 줄어들었다. 이처럼 체험을 통한 교육은 행동의 자신감 증가와 시간의 관리가 가능한 것으로 나타났다. 본 연구의 결론으로 안전교육의 목표는 인명과 재산피해의 최소화이고, 이를 위한 노력으로 많은 사람들에게 교육을 통해 최소화 하는 방법과 자신의 안전을 지키는 교육을 진행한다. 그러므로 더 많은 사람들에게 이러한 효과를 가져 오기 위해서는 체험교육을 통해 학습효과를 높이고, 자기안전을 지키게 하는 노력이 필요하다.
The aim of this study is to investigate the direction of improvement of safety experience education through the analysis of the evacuation time experiment. For the study, test subjects were divided into groups of similar body size and weight. The test subjects were directly experienced four evacuation devices, and the experience time was measured. As a result of the analysis of the total time from the installation of the evacuation device to the escape, the time was measured in the order of Descending Life Line-Tilt-Down Rescue Line-Vertical Escape Chute-air safety mat. In the case of evaluating the evacuation time using evacuation mechanisms, the evacuation time was measured in the order of air safety mat-Tilt-Tilt-Down Rescue Line-Descending Life Line-Vertical Escape Chute. In the first and second experiments of the Descending Life Line, time differences were observed. The escape time using the Descending Life Line was reduced in the second experiment than in the first experiment. As shown in this result, education through experience has shown that behavioral confidence and time can be managed. The conclusion of this study is that the goal of safety education is to minimize human life and property damage. Therefore, in order to bring this effect to more people, it is necessary to make efforts to keep self-safe through experiential education.
Key Words: Safety education, Fire safety, Evacuation, Evacuation instrument, Safety experience
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