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Fire Science and Engineering 2019;33(6):87-94.
DOI:    Published online December 31, 2019.
Delphi/AHP를 활용한 다중이용업 신종업종의 화재위험평가지표 분석
김명철1, 김학중2, 박경환3, 윤해권4, 이승호5
1서울주택도시공사 부장
2숭실사이버대학교 교수
3(주)영설계엔지니어링 부사장
4세종사이버대학교 교수
5해원기술사사무소 대표
Analysis of Fire Risk Assessment Indicators of Publicly-Used Establishments using Delphi/AHP
Myung-Cheol Kim1, Hak-Joong Kim2, Kyung-Hwan Park3, Hae-Kwon Youn4, Seung-Ho Lee5
1Ph.D. in Business Administration, Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation
2Professor, Korea Soongsil Cyber Univ.
3Ph.D. in Disaster Science, Young Fire Safety Design Ltd
4Professor, Korea Sejong Cyber Univ.
5CEO, Haewon Professional Engineer Office
Correspondence:  Hak-Joong Kim, Tel: +82-2-708-7841, Fax: +82-2-708-7749, 
Received: 7 October 2019   • Revised: 21 October 2019   • Accepted: 22 October 2019
국민권익위원회 2018년 7월 17일 보도 자료에 의하면 방탈출카페, 실내양궁장 등 신종업종이 다중이용업에서 제외되어 지정을 검토하고 화재예방 대책을 수립하도록 소방청에 권고하였다. 본 연구는 Delphi 기법으로 다중이용업 신종업종의 화재위험평가 측정영역 및 측정지표를 계층화하고 적합도(3.00 이상) 분석결과, 적합도 평균값이 4.25로서 적합성을 확보하였다. AHP 분석결과, 화재위험평가 측정영역의 일관성 비율은 4.0%로서 CR ≤ 0.1(10%) 보다 낮게 분석되었고 하위 측정지표의 일관성 비율도 0.1%~3.6%로서 모두 일관성이 있음을 확인하였다. 통합 측정지표의 중요도와 우선순위는 영업장 내부통로의 형태 및 출구의 피난능력(0.316), 점화원관리(0.141), 고유위험(0.106), 화재감지시스템의 적절성 및 적응성(0.097), 가연물관리(0.084), 피난안내 및 피난설비(0.075), 내화구조 및 마감재료(0.060), 구획 및 비상구(0.049), 연소확대위험(0.046), 소화설비의 적절성 및 적응성(0.026)의 순으로 도출 되었다. 본 연구는 향후, 화재위험평가지표 개발 연구의 중요한 자료로 널리 활용 될 것이다.
Through a press release dated July 17, 2018, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission recommended that the National Fire Agency develop preventive measures against fire in the “Indoor Archery Ground” and “Room Escape Café” etc., which were originally excluded from the category of “Publicly Used Establishments.” This study developed the hierarchy of domains and indicators of measurement for fire risk assessment of the new business of publicly used establishments through the Delphi Method. It analyzed the goodness of fit scores (over 3.00) and secured an average score of 4.25. Using AHP analysis, the ratio of consistency for the domains of measurement of fire risk assessment was found to be 4.0%, which was lower than CR ≤ 0.1 (10%). The consistency of subsequent measurement indicators were distributed in the range of 0.1%~3.6%, and they were identified as being commonly consistent. The indicators of measurement appeared as follows in order of importance and priority: Type of Internal Passage of Establishment and Evacuation Capacity of Exit (0.316), Control of Ignition Source (0.141), Inherent Risk (0.106), Appropriateness and Adaptiveness of Fire Detection System (0.097), Control of Inflammables/Combustibles (0.084), Guides and Facilities helping Evacuation (0.075), Fire Resistant Structure and Finishing Materials (0.060), Compartmentalization and Emergency Exit (0.049), Risk of Fire Expansion (0.046), and Appropriateness and Adaptiveness of Fire Extinguishing Facilities (0.026). The findings of this study are expected to be expansively used as data for future research on the development of fire risk assessment indicators.
Key Words: Delphi, AHP, Publicly used establishments, Fire risk, Assessment indicators

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